What is WildBeast?

WildBeast is a multifunction Discord bot system intended to be able to perform various tasks, ranging from easy server moderation (Kick, ban) to having fun (8ball, meme generation, music playback) in your Discord server. It has an extensive per-server customization system with various settings. For people interested in running a WildBeast instance themselves, there is even a sort of API for making your own commands.

Brief history

WildBeast was originally written by 3 avid coders in 2015. Since then many devs have come and gone, years have rolled by and the bot has continuously matured. It's currently being constantly developed and improved by a multinational team of freelance and hobbyist developers.

Version 6

The new version of WildBeast, version 6 (Which this documentation targets) has received considerable overhauls - most noticeably under the hood. If you are running a WB version previous to v6, do not attempt to update your existing instance. Read the migrating page to find out more.

Main features

These features are available in every WildBeast instance, including our official WildBot!

  • Music streaming from YouTube, SoundCloud and so forth.
  • Classy insults and strokes.
  • Dank meme generator.
  • Useful advice.
  • Moderation commands like kick, ban and so forth.
  • Role commands like addrole, takerole and colorrole.
  • NSFW image fetching via e621 and rule34.
  • Server utilities like welcome messages, server and user info and so forth.
  • High level of customization with an extensive per-server configuration engine.
  • Extensive support and documentation of running your own WildBeast.
  • Customisable tags, courtesy of JagTag-JS
  • A command framework for you to create custom commands (If you're running a custom instance).

And much more; check out the command reference and the custom command page for starters!


There is extensive support available for those wishing to run WildBeast on their own hardware.

Installation guides

Other resources

Discord server

We run a Discord server in which you can test WildBeast's functionality in our own sandbox. Feel free to come over to chat, meet fellow coders and users alike or just hang out with the community! Click the banner below to get started.

Discord server